Live Update; No competent judge delivers political judgment – Sophia Akuffo

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The remit of judges does not extend to politics:



Politicization is when anything...becomes a subject of politics. There are cases that are political in scope and content but there are some cases that are politicized. I do not think that any competent judge delivers a political judgment [because] in our remit we don’t do politics.

Justice for All Programme initiated by former Chief Justice Georgina Theodora Wood:



I will study how it is being implemented [because] some of us have already been thinking about it. That one can bring a higher quality to the process and even speed it up so that instead of the prison lawyer who is sometimes not a lawyer someone else will take over.

Independence of the judiciary:



I don’t know how one can come out with a specific mechanism to shield the judiciary from external influences. The judicial process is supposed to be insulated not only from political influences but from all forms of influences. To shield it there are many interventions part of it has to do with enforcing the code of conduct of judges. One of the indexes of quality justice is independence and to shield the judiciary further from external influences maybe we need to take a second look at the appointment process.

National Media Commission (NMC)'s Content law:


In the matter against the NMC in that one the regulations being made were overbroad without specificity and carried all kinds of sanctions. Therefore really what we were [Supreme Court judges] calling on the Commission was to go back to the drawing board and become more specific.

Delay in prosecution of cases



I am always interested in continuous improvement. Delay in completion of cases is a problem [but] I believe a lot has been done over the years.

Chief Justice nominee, Sophia Akuffo taking an oath before Parliament's Appointments Committee

Relevance of the Ghana School of Law:


I am not one of those who subscribe to the Ghana School of Law being scrapped. What happens in the universities at the faculties of law is that they educate people academically on the law as the theory and on the knowledge of the law.  The Ghana School of Law is a professional training facility’ and that is where the theories learnt in classrooms are supposed to be taught from a more practical point of view.

Supreme Court judges in attendance to support their colleague


A promise of quality justice system:

Sophia Akuffo:

I am interested in effective quality justice because it covers the assurance that the public has that when they come to the hall of justice they will receive or access justice. There is still a lot of work to do that is one of the continuous areas I am willing to work on.

Earlier: Parliament vets CJ nominee, Sophia Akuffo

The vetting of Chief Justice (CJ) nominee, Sophia Akuffo by Parliament’s Appointments Committee is underway.

The 26-member Committee is expected to explore the background of the nominee to determine her preparedness to head the third arm of government.

Chairman of the Committee, Joseph Osei Owusu has said the vetting process will take 10 hours.

He explained every member of the Committee will have 20 minutes to ask questions of the nominee.