NGO begins campaign on climate change in Ghana

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A non-governmental policy think-tank, Institute of Green Growth Solutions, in partnership with the Konrad Adenauer StIftung Foundation is embarking on a nationwide awareness creation especially in schools.

They began the awareness creation at the Vision Feed Academy in Accra where the students were given interactive presentations on climate change.

A representative from Institute of Green Growth Solutions, an NGO enlightened the students more on the impact, adaptation and mitigation process of climate change.

They were educated on the impact being faced today all over the world as a result of the choices made many years ago.

Over the past years, Ghana has been and is still suffering from the adverse impact of climate change with developing countries being the most vulnerable.

Ghana is, therefore, taking a strong adaptive and mitigative measures in order to strive for livelihood and development.

The students were entreated to carry the message about climate change to their friends and families and how they can also contribute.

They saw the diverse impact of climate change all over the world and how they can contribute in their own small ways.

The aim for this move, Otehwemah Henry Bortey, the Environmental Consultant at Institute of Green Growth Solutions said is to advocate for environmental sustainability by informing and training students to be environmentally friendly for sustainable development.

He indicated that the programme will be replicated across the country especially the three Northern region affected by climate change.

Mr. Bortey added that, aside the students, some identifiable groups like farmers, fishermen and women will also be sensitized to help safeguard the environment.

The staff and students of the school were grateful for such a campaign in their schools and pledge to care for the trees seedlings and plant more.